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1981 1981

WANTED is founded under the name InterWelding. The founders of InterWelding jumped in on a growing need for flexible personnel in construction and shipbuilding.

1985 1985

The best thing we build is certainty

1990 1990

WANTED provides personnel for servicing the oil rig Scarabeo 5.

1992 1992

We do not compromise on quality

2001 2001

Commissioned by Mammoet, WANTED has deployed its professionals in the construction of the pontoon "Giant 4", with which the Russian submarine "The Kursk" was raised.

2003 2003

Our construction workers helped building the Westerschelde Tunnel.

2007 2007

Together we are strong. ICS en Interwelding is one.

2007 2007

Full takeover INTERWELDING by current WANTED Group.

2010 2010

Take-over Dulfer E/I- Electrical engineering, Construction, Industrial and Offshore

2014 2014

WANTED partners with Allseas to build the beams in front of the largest ship in the world, "The Pioneering Spirit". A dream project for both Allseas as WANTED.

2014 2014

SteelWelding Services in Vlissingen (NL), joins its activities under the flag of WANTED.

1981 1981

Craftmanship since 1981

1985 1985

Cooperation with ICS, to employ British engineers in the Netherlands.

1988 1988

The company expands it activities to offshore.

1995 1995

Expansion into new areas of Electrical Engineering and Food.

1999 1999

What could be better than to build prestige projects such as "The London Eye".

2000 2000

Every decision we make, we lay down along the yardstick of quality.

2006 2006

WANTED has made a significant contribution to the construction of the Wembley Stadium by delivering construction workers and steel workers.

2008 2008

Partnership in stocks in IJmond Personeelsdiensten

2010 2010

Take-over SINTRA - Specialist in Food & Pharma and Stainless steel and Metal industry.

2013 2013

The name WANTED is a fact. The company gets one name one identity. WANTED has currently four branches and focuses on the industry, Offshore, Construction and Shipbuilding.

2013 2013

We welcome the staff of Hewitt Technical Services under the flag of WANTED.

2015 2015

WANTED is now also recruiting in Poland. Educating and quality check of good professionals.

2015 2015

WANTED is recruiting higher educated technical personnel from Spain