Health Safety Quality Environment


WANTED meets all requirements in the areas of safety, quality, and finance, to allow us to operate in our profession. WANTED has the required certifications such as ISO 9001, NEN, VCU and MLC.

But real passion for safety and true commitment to quality is not coded in official documents, but in the genes of our company.

The employees of WANTED who come from all over Europe, often get in their own language a safety briefing before they start with our customers. Before they go to work, WANTED support checks their personal protection equimpent and if necessary will be supplemented or replaced. Attention to safety is continuously top of mind within the different offices of WANTED, but is also stimulated through "toolbox meetings" with our employees.

The success of recent years has been entirely due to our ongoing commitment to quality. Our personnel is trained to operate professionally in the technology and flex market and correct administration of this.

Every year we challenge ourselves to new quality objectives:

√ WANTED Support was established to ensure a proper and safe introduction of our professionals to our clients.

√ To run a flawless communication with our specialist, we have colleagues who master the language of the skilled worker.

√ We have in Poland a recruitment office to ensure quality at the gate.

√ The knowledge and skills of temporary workers are checked or tested in the homeland.

Our approach ensures us that the introduction of our skilled workers runs as smooth as possible. We always assure our customers that we will deliver the right people in the right place.


  • ISO 9001
  • Maritime Labour Convertion
  • NEN 4400-1
  • VCU
  • WKA Check