• Date 30.05.2016
  • Branch Offshore
  • Location North Sea

Installation RAVN2 is completed

Team WANTED Oil & Gas sent a strong delegation of WANTED people to work on the RAVN-2 platform in the German part of the North Sea.

The RAVN2 platform has finally, after years of preparation, getting ready to go into operation. For onshore reservoirs platforms are built on-site, when the reservoir is below the seabed, the platform is being built in a shipyard and the individual parts transported to their final destination.

In particular, the logistics of such heavy components is extremely complex in the harsh conditions of the open sea: Special ships such as the Lorelay are used for this purpose in order to build up platforms like the RAVN2./p>

When finally everything is in place, the structure is tested thoroughly before the authorities give the platform the green flag./p>

Customer: Wintershall
Weight top: 660Mt
Weight jacket: 1200mt
Region: North Sea
Country: Denmark

Our special thanks goes to

Albert van Arnhem (Supervisor)
Dennis vd Heide (E & I)
Paolo Martins (E & I)
Phil Barton (Mech)
Paolo Torres (Mech)
David Wright (Mech)